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Wake County District Court Judge Anna E. Worley, elected in 2008 and up for re-election in 2012, has been a controversial figure in Wake County family courtrooms. Parents' stories range from curious to downright shocking. As a custodial parent required to endure Worley's apparent lack of wisdom and seemingly arbitrary decisions, I am fighting back against a system whose very slowness and apathy has caused great suffering for my children. After nearly 3 years in Judge Worley's "family" court room, I have emerged with sole legal and primary physical custody of my three children. As thankful as I am for my own personal custody hell to be over, the years spent in Judge Worley's courtroom, the months spent awaiting orders rendered to be entered, the letters written to staff and the Chief Justice to force entry of a final order were nothing short of excruciating for my three children and myself. I will work tirelessly to ensure that I make the public aware of Worley's philosophy, rulings, and courtroom demeanor. Citizens must vote from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance.

21 March 2012

Worley's Re-Election Blog

     On her newly-minted re-election blog, Worley writes, "Elected to the District Court Bench, I have served Wake County for the past four years. I spend three out of every four weeks in Family Court. While custody, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution, are hard and emotional issues, their resolution allows families to heal and move forward. " [Emphasis added].
     While she is correct in stating that the resolution of custody and other such issues allows families to heal and move forward, I can say with absolute certainty that not one single action she has taken has brought resolution to my custody case nor allowed my family to heal and move forward.  What allowed my family to heal and move forward were two things: Woofer Davidian (our former parenting coordinator, whose term ended 27 January 2012) and my own personal commitment to working on myself, healing my family, and protecting my children from the bad choices their Dad has made.
     Worley has no children and no husband.  How can she even begin to espouse an understanding of families, parenting dynamics (much less parenting skills), children's development, and other significant issues which impact a child's experience in the world?  She has no personal understanding of what it is like to be a mother or a wife.  She studied English, Spanish and the law at Wake Forest University.  As I see it, a judge without children does not pass muster as a family court judge.
     Lastly, her assertion that custody and support are "hard and emotional issues" falls flat.  They are not hard and emotional issues.  They are devastating issues that wrench the heart.  They involve issues of mothers who set aside their careers in order to give lovingly to their children only to be told by a child judge that dad gets half the time - the very same dad who couldn't have cared less about his involvement with this children during the marriage.  It's those child support enforcement documents coming down the pike that engender the sudden onset of parental affinity.  A wise woman and judge would be able to step back and see that a mother who would give up such an important aspect of life (her career) because giving to her children is the job most valued by her is the mother that must continue to care for the children.  Anything less belies a total disrespect for the needs of the children. 
    When you go to the polls, don't buy the Worley Whitewash.  Look deeper.  Google her name - many of the results are all the same: GET RID OF WORLEY.  Some are speaking up on her behalf, but her own blog contains a lot of liberal drippings about the closing of the YWCA and a benefit for children with autism.  Voters don't care how many rallies Worley attends.  Rallies cost nothing.  Voters should care about her record.
    So, Worley, here is my challenge to you: Put your record out for the public to view.  Give us real data about the families that have ended up in front of you and just how many times they return because the issues don't get resolved. 
    We're waiting....