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Wake County District Court Judge Anna E. Worley, elected in 2008 and up for re-election in 2012, has been a controversial figure in Wake County family courtrooms. Parents' stories range from curious to downright shocking. As a custodial parent required to endure Worley's apparent lack of wisdom and seemingly arbitrary decisions, I am fighting back against a system whose very slowness and apathy has caused great suffering for my children. After nearly 3 years in Judge Worley's "family" court room, I have emerged with sole legal and primary physical custody of my three children. As thankful as I am for my own personal custody hell to be over, the years spent in Judge Worley's courtroom, the months spent awaiting orders rendered to be entered, the letters written to staff and the Chief Justice to force entry of a final order were nothing short of excruciating for my three children and myself. I will work tirelessly to ensure that I make the public aware of Worley's philosophy, rulings, and courtroom demeanor. Citizens must vote from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance.

25 April 2012

Visit Daniel Barker on Facebook: Let's Get the Word Out!

     Daniel Barker has a great Facebook page!  Please check it out!  Honestly, I am not a big fan of Facebook, as I find it boring to read small snippets rather than in-depth articles; however, most folks love it and it seems to get the word out faster than most other internet venues.
     Please review his page and if you feel Barker is someone you can support, then get active.  Support his campaign by volunteering, putting a sign in your yard, sending out mass emails to friends and colleagues, donating funds. 
     This time next year, let Worley be a thing of the past!  Vote May 8!

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