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Wake County District Court Judge Anna E. Worley, elected in 2008 and up for re-election in 2012, has been a controversial figure in Wake County family courtrooms. Parents' stories range from curious to downright shocking. As a custodial parent required to endure Worley's apparent lack of wisdom and seemingly arbitrary decisions, I am fighting back against a system whose very slowness and apathy has caused great suffering for my children. After nearly 3 years in Judge Worley's "family" court room, I have emerged with sole legal and primary physical custody of my three children. As thankful as I am for my own personal custody hell to be over, the years spent in Judge Worley's courtroom, the months spent awaiting orders rendered to be entered, the letters written to staff and the Chief Justice to force entry of a final order were nothing short of excruciating for my three children and myself. I will work tirelessly to ensure that I make the public aware of Worley's philosophy, rulings, and courtroom demeanor. Citizens must vote from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance.

18 April 2012

Worley: The Kim Kardashian of Judges?

     On her web site, Worley focuses on her volunteer experience.  In fact, it's really the bulk of information listed.  Here's the intro paragraph to her most recent lengthy delineation of her volunteer jobs:

"Our founding fathers promised justice for all, and I have done what I can to maintain that promise. I have chosen to participate in groups and organizations that work to protect those with the least access to resources, the least access to education, and the least access to justice."  Worley goes on to list every place she has volunteered since the turn of the century ad naseum.

     The problem is this: whatever skills one might gleen from such volunteer experience, those skills still do not translate into her showing up on time each and every day to start court at 9 am.  What's Worley's point in spending so much time and internet space telling us repeatedly what a fabulous volunteer she is?  As the sole legal custodian of my children, I have sat in Worley's courtroom waiting and waiting and waiting for her to commence court.  9:15-9:30 has been the typical start time in a Worley courtroom.  Adding salt to the wound, Worley often sits in her courtroom office, talking and cackling loudly with courtroom staff during the time those expecting to have their cases heard are waiting for her to start.  Most of us are professionals and are accustomed to a normal workday and respectful colleagues. 

     Her apparent egregious pattern of flagrant tardiness is compounded by the fact that often when she does start to hear a case, she apparently has done no preparation and frequently spends the first 5-10 minutes after calling the parties to the front reading through the file while everyone sits in silence.  What a waste of time and resources!

     Is Worley the Kim Kardashian of judges?  Kardashian is a fraud and an imposter in the Hollywood social scene; is Worley following her path?  If so, unfortunately for Wake County children, the consequences may be devastating.

     Vote!  May 8: Daniel Barker!


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Anonymous said...

Worley runs her courthouse like a circus. I was the unfortunate person to sit in her court for my domestic violence case. I sat for 2 hours listening to Worley drag out all the silly details of former friends who were being catty. Then my case, right before lunch time, was only given 15 minutes and she basically stated that I "instigated" my ex's violent behavior. Worley has no common sense, has absolutely no understanding of domestic violence issues/complexities, and her ignorance negatively effected both myself and my child.