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Wake County District Court Judge Anna E. Worley, elected in 2008 and up for re-election in 2012, has been a controversial figure in Wake County family courtrooms. Parents' stories range from curious to downright shocking. As a custodial parent required to endure Worley's apparent lack of wisdom and seemingly arbitrary decisions, I am fighting back against a system whose very slowness and apathy has caused great suffering for my children. After nearly 3 years in Judge Worley's "family" court room, I have emerged with sole legal and primary physical custody of my three children. As thankful as I am for my own personal custody hell to be over, the years spent in Judge Worley's courtroom, the months spent awaiting orders rendered to be entered, the letters written to staff and the Chief Justice to force entry of a final order were nothing short of excruciating for my three children and myself. I will work tirelessly to ensure that I make the public aware of Worley's philosophy, rulings, and courtroom demeanor. Citizens must vote from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance.

18 April 2012

Vote Daniel Barker!

     Daniel Barker is running against Worley and David Gilliam in the May 8 primaries.  Parents Against Judge Anna Worley's Re-Election supports Daniel Barker and hopes you will as well.

     Please peruse his thoughtful and informative web site, which includes the Independent Weekly Candidate Questionnaire.  Barker is a straight shooter, has children (silent cheer), and is actually deeply involved in his community.  His words are better than mine, so please take a few minutes to read through his answers.  I've included one here which so accurately assesses the root of the problem in Worley's courtroom.  We need Barker!  Get out and vote, people!

Barker says,

The most important issues currently facing our District Courts in Wake County are the inefficiency of the system and the high volume of cases. While these issues are distinct, successfully addressing the first issue, will ease the difficulties caused by the second. Historically, efforts to solve problems in government have typically begun with community leaders asking for more resources. In our current economic climate, requesting larger budgets is neither fiscally possible nor politically popular. In short, we are going to have to figure out a way to solve the problems of overcrowded and inefficient courtrooms without spending more money. As a district court judge, I would address these important issues in three ways. First, I will be efficient with the resources we have, starting with time in the courtroom. Arriving and beginning Court on time is critical to the efficient administration of justice when we have such busy dockets. Second, I will advocate for the smart use of technology to improve efficiencies within the district court where the same can be done without interfering with the fairness of proceedings to the parties. For example, expanding the use of web-based scheduling systems currently used in our domestic courts. Lastly, within a given court session, I will schedule matters in a way that will most effectively use the court’s resources while being respectful of everyone’s time.


Anonymous said...

Barker is actually running against both Gilliam and Worley in the primaries. The top two finishers go on to the next election.

Libra said...

Thanks - I have clarified the post.